My drawing/painting style is influenced by the layering process of printmaking, the organic complexity of blind contour drawing, and an understanding of mass and texture I gained while renovating houses. I compose of most my work on paper instead of canvas so the completed work leans more towards a blueprint or handwritten note than a museum piece.

Currently I'm working on two series, both related to the overarching theme of 'unaccounted space.' 

  •  30° Up: we spend much time looking 30° downward at our feet and various screens, but looking 30° up – just over houses and trees – reveals a layer of visual data that is often unnoticed and uncelebrated. Power lines, treetops, buildings and towers define a horizon that begs the question "what's over that next hill?" even in familiar suburban settings. 
  • Mirage Dream: I am working on depicting fata morgana mirages as seen in my recurring dreams. In my mirage scenes, large objects like ships, beacons, and buildings loom over oceans and are projected in the air, flipped vertically, and skewed.